Re-ment Modern Comfort Kitchen

Recently I had purchased the Modern Comfort Kitchen from and I finally got around to taking pics and video for it!


I took away the awful ugly food in the background by covering it with some polka dot paper. Granted, it looks a bit weird with everything, including the fridge, having dots in the background, but oh well. Maybe I’ll decide to fix that later, who knows. I’m pretty happy with how it came out and I just love this kitchen! The dishwasher is a bit weird, it’s a just a big basket, but that’s ok. I love the sink area and I made a little towel to hang on the little rack ^.^ How adorbs. I used several different Re-ments to fill it all up (there were still quite a few empty shelves – guess I need more Re-ments! LOL) including the Rilakkumart, Happy Natural Time, Tamago Egg Series, and the Chocolate Cafe.




Now all I need are the Rilakkuma Gohan and the Rilakkuma Hokkori re-ments for the toaster and toaster oven ^.^



Sophie even had some fun playing in the kitchen!

My First Pullip doll!

Hello friends! So I had seen Pullips on Flickr before and thought there were really pretty but it wasn’t until I saw a doll collection video on Youtube that I started looking into them more. I saw Pullip Akemi and KNEW I had to get her as my first, it was love at first sight!


 If you don’t know, Pullips are Korean dolls that are ball jointed so they can be placed in many different positions and are super customizable including their hair, eyes, faces, clothes, pretty much everything! There are different styles of dolls in different body sizes and faces, and some I think are kinda depressing looking, but Pullips are so pretty!




This is what I look like most days hahah this picture always makes me happy


(more photos of her on my Flickr)

I love her style, it’s so cute and my two favorite colors, pink and blue! She’s so sweet and I imagine her personality as cute, spunky and silly. I got her at Pullip Style  and she came very quickly, I highly recommend them. She was a bit pricey, she was a gift from the husband for Christmas! I can’t wait to get new clothes and accessories and I’m already eyeing other dolls hehe (can we say obsessed?). There are already a few I’m looking at putting on my wishlist including these:

Pullip Kiyomi
Pullip Romantic Alice
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint
Pullip Merl


So many cute ones ahhh!!!!! Anyway, I’m super happy with Sophie and I can’t wait to post more about her! Check out the video I made of her:

 And my Flickr set on her. Bye bye!