Make Your Own Pullip! MIO Kit from

I got my very first MIO kit from Junky Spot and I have to say, it was probably one of the hardest but most fulfilling things I’ve done! I got super frustrated (I’m not the most patient person ever) but I’m quite happy with the result. The initial concept of the doll I wanted to create is a essential a cotton candy Alice in Wonderland, so I wanted most of her makeup and eyes to be pink. I’m going to get a curly pink wig and a pink Alice dress to complete the look! In the meantime I’ve put on a temporary wig and dress. But anyways, let’s get to the kit!


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.51.47 PM

The kit comes with a body, face plate, head, eyemech, two wink bars, two eyelids, two blank eyechips, eyelashes and 6 screws. This kit is the normal colored skin, but Junky Spot has Fair Skin, Tanned Skin, and Pale Skin available as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.41.02 PM

This was my first time ever doing a full faceup so I was really scared! Luckily it turned out ok and I’m pretty happy with the result. I used Mr. Super Clear as a sealant and then watercolor pencils and chalk pastels for the details. I had to redo it about 5 times before I was was happy (which is saying a lot because I’m NOT a perfectionist by any means!).

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.41.18 PM

 For the eyes I simply painted the centers with acrylic paint and then glued glitter around the outside.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.41.38 PM

Once the eyes are dry, you can glue them in the eyemech.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.41.57 PM

 It’s important to note that if you have glare spots on your eyes like I do, the top of the eyemech is the part with the two rectangle holes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.42.11 PM

Now to decorate the eyelids, I just covered mine in glitter, but if you decide to do eyeliner, remember the flat edge is the bottom of the eyelid.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.42.26 PM

Pretttttyyyyyyyyy. Now for eyelashes. I didn’t use the ones from the kit as they were tiny, so I bought some fake ones from Walmart.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.43.04 PM

You’re going to want to glue the eyelashes in the area marked on the eyelid because if they go too wide, they may get bent in the eye hole. You can place them in the face to test it out and trim if you need to.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.43.25 PM

Now WAIT UNTIL EVERYTHING DRIES! No, really. Wait. I didn’t, and it was a huge mess and eyeballs like stuck and it’s not a pretty picture. Once it’s all dry, put your eyelids in the face like this. Make sure your little spring thingies are at the top in such a way you can grab them later.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.44.08 PM

Now you can place your eyemech in the face, remember those rectangle holes go on the top. Screw in three screws in the white plastic, there should be one on either side and one at the bottom. Do this as tight as possible without breaking anything, the eyemech needs to stay in there nice and good-like!

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.44.40 PM

Now take the ends of the little coils and place them on the little white pegs. Don’t cross them or anything, that would be silly.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.45.03 PM

Yay it’s coming together! Check your eyes and make sure you can move them back and forth.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.45.23 PM

Now add your wink bars in the square holes. The diagonal cut part is toward the outside. Basically if you do it the wrong way, you’ll know when you try to put the head on.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.45.37 PM

Now add in your lovely naked body. The body should fit all the way down into the neck hole.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.46.18 PM

Now put on your head and all the pieces should fit in the holes. If they don’t, check your wink bars, they might be switched. Screw in the last three screws tight. There shouldn’t be any gaps in between the face and head.


And now you’re done! You can add a wig (size 9-10 fits well) and some cute clothes. Like I said I’m going to get a new wig and clothes for this lady, but this is her temporary getup. I’ve named her Aliana. She’s for a friend 🙂

Check out the video on this tutorial!

Taeyang Batman

At first I didn’t like Taeyangs. They seems a bit too feminine for me, especially the ones with lots of makeup.

BUT I decided I wanted one, so after scouring the internet I found Taeyang Batman, who has minimal makeup and more manly (not long, or weird colored) hair!


He’s so cool! He came in this really sweet Batman outfit that is SUPER detailed. It has a mesh undersuit with rubber details, gloves, arm hook things, his awesome cape, boots and mask! I’m quite impressed with his outfit.


I didn’t keep him in his suit for long, I just wanted him for his body (I’m shallow like that!)

After stripping him of his outfit, de-crunching his hair and dressing him up…


TA-DA! I dressed him in a combination of clothes from a Justin Bieber doll, One Direction dolls and a James Dean doll. I find that the celebrity dolls have a bit nicer clothes than the Ken clothes, but maybe I just haven’t found that much. I used some fabric softener in water to soften his hair and did my best to style it. I like it for now and will hold off on re-wigging him for now. I’ve named him Colt!

I admit I Photoshopped his mouth slightly to make him look less depressed LOL



The only thing I had an issue with is his STUPID LIMBS kept falling off! His arm joint is completely broken and his hands and feet won’t stay in well. I’m going to have get him a new body, which isn’t too bad, I’m just disappointed that a doll that cost such a pretty penny isn’t more durable!


For now, Colt is courting Sophie until I get Pullip Io which I plan to make Colt’s girlfriend. So Sophie is the stand-in for now, and she doesn’t seem to mind 🙂



So overall I’m really happy with him, I wish his body didn’t fall apart, but I like his face and am so happy with his manliness! Lol!

Pullip Snow White (Minnie)

So far, I’ve chosen my Pullips based on their outfits mainly, but this time I had a very specific idea in mind – I wanted a Minnie Mouse doll! I don’t know where this idea came from, I’ve always loved Minnie. In fact, we’re kind of BFFs.

Minnie and I at a Cast Member dance back in my skinny days

I decided Pullip Snow White would be a great doll for Minnie, with her black hair and red lips. I love her!
Her faceup is so pretty and her eyeshadow even has a little glimmer to it. Her dress is so so pretty! It’s super sparkly and detailed! I love the lace. I was SUPER depressed about her wig though, it fell out everywhere and did not behave at all. I plan on re-wigging her as soon as possible.


I found out through intense internet research that Chinese Kuhrn dolls have clothes that fit Pullip and there are a TON of Minnie clothes!!!! I died.



So of COURSE I had to get the bed first (look at those adorable jammies!):


So now I’m sitting twiddling my thumbs until I can get my lovely Minnie clothes, but in the meanwhile I got a Minnie Barbie at Walmart and stole her clothes:




I love her! I found the Minnie ears at Walmart as well in the party section. I can’t wait to get her new wig and make her a room and go crazy…sigh. I am quite addicted now I think.

Hello Kitty Posable Doll + Bed [Target]

Recently I saw that Target had some new Hello Kitty toys and MAN are they adorable! Of course Target always has a slew of Hello Kitty items from gumball machines, to microwaves, to safes – but what I really care about are the cute little toys! I saw this little cutie (actually not at Target but the grocery store oddly enough) and I think she’s fab!


There are other versions available like Dance, Pop, and Best Friends but I chose this Princess one for her fun dress and bow! They are 13″ posable dolls and are by the brand Blip. She came with everything pictured as well as a tiara that I removed. She’s quite posable, her head turns almost 360 degress and she can go into a full seated position.


I also got the bed to go with her (there is also a fun scooter!)


The bed is SO CUTE! It has an adorable bow on the end, HK head on the headboard and there are even bows on the mattress (everything is hard plastic). The sheet it comes with is reversible and the pillow is so cute and soft.


The bed also came with slippers and an alarm clock. I wish it came with PJ’s, but it didn’t, so I ended up buying this My Life doll clothes set at Walmart that came with a shirt (it works best as a nightie on her), shorts, the robe and some purple slippers. The robe is a bit big and I had to roll up the sleeves but overall I think it looks pretty cute. Better than going to bed in a princess dress!


I even had a HK sleep mask that fit! I love how it makes her look like she’s sleeping!


Since Hello Kitty doesn’t have a lot of movement, she doesn’t fit in the bed super well and there’s a large gap between her upper body and the bed. It works well enough though.


Of course Sophie had to take a turn in the bed as well. It fits Pullips very well.


Slumber party!


The dolls are available at Target and retail for $24.99.

Re-ment Modern Comfort Kitchen

Recently I had purchased the Modern Comfort Kitchen from and I finally got around to taking pics and video for it!


I took away the awful ugly food in the background by covering it with some polka dot paper. Granted, it looks a bit weird with everything, including the fridge, having dots in the background, but oh well. Maybe I’ll decide to fix that later, who knows. I’m pretty happy with how it came out and I just love this kitchen! The dishwasher is a bit weird, it’s a just a big basket, but that’s ok. I love the sink area and I made a little towel to hang on the little rack ^.^ How adorbs. I used several different Re-ments to fill it all up (there were still quite a few empty shelves – guess I need more Re-ments! LOL) including the Rilakkumart, Happy Natural Time, Tamago Egg Series, and the Chocolate Cafe.




Now all I need are the Rilakkuma Gohan and the Rilakkuma Hokkori re-ments for the toaster and toaster oven ^.^



Sophie even had some fun playing in the kitchen!

Pullip Madness!!

So after my last post I went a TOUCH crazy. And by a touch I mean a lot crazy. I received some money at Christmas so I ran to purchase the Alice du Jardin Mint Pullip that I saw on Pullip Style for only $100 and FREAKED because I’ve seen them on eBay for around $300 so I bought her Christmas evening (I’m so patient, I know). Then shortly after I got paid for a side project and thought, well I have to get the pink one now, so I got her too! They came super fast, and at the same time so I filmed a double unboxing video (linked below) and they are SOOOO PRETTYYY!!!!! I love their dresses so much, they are so detailed and lovely and their wigs are so lovely! I was very sad with the mint wig though, there are some spots where you can see the wig cap and I think I messed with the hair too much because the hair started to fall out (I almost cried) but overall I’m super happy with them! I named them Julep (mint) and Rosy (pink)!

Both-3 Julep-1 Julep-4 Rosy-4Rosy-1

More pics on my Flickr

Unboxing video:

My First Pullip doll!

Hello friends! So I had seen Pullips on Flickr before and thought there were really pretty but it wasn’t until I saw a doll collection video on Youtube that I started looking into them more. I saw Pullip Akemi and KNEW I had to get her as my first, it was love at first sight!


 If you don’t know, Pullips are Korean dolls that are ball jointed so they can be placed in many different positions and are super customizable including their hair, eyes, faces, clothes, pretty much everything! There are different styles of dolls in different body sizes and faces, and some I think are kinda depressing looking, but Pullips are so pretty!




This is what I look like most days hahah this picture always makes me happy


(more photos of her on my Flickr)

I love her style, it’s so cute and my two favorite colors, pink and blue! She’s so sweet and I imagine her personality as cute, spunky and silly. I got her at Pullip Style  and she came very quickly, I highly recommend them. She was a bit pricey, she was a gift from the husband for Christmas! I can’t wait to get new clothes and accessories and I’m already eyeing other dolls hehe (can we say obsessed?). There are already a few I’m looking at putting on my wishlist including these:

Pullip Kiyomi
Pullip Romantic Alice
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint
Pullip Merl


So many cute ones ahhh!!!!! Anyway, I’m super happy with Sophie and I can’t wait to post more about her! Check out the video I made of her:

 And my Flickr set on her. Bye bye!