About Me

Hi! I’m Holly and I love making things.


Ya, that's me.

Ya, that’s me.

No, I take that back, I would DIE if I couldn’t make things. It’s an insatiable need of mine to create! I have a degree in Graphic Design and when I’m not working full-time as a multimedia designer I’m home making crafts and videos. I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember, art was always my favorite subject.  I also loved computers, though, and was drawn to digital art at a young age. I continued to craft through college, creating a club at my school just for crafting. After I got married, I wanted to continue finding ways to craft and found the trading website, Swap-bot. I fell in love with the idea of trading homemade items with others, and I participated in 95 trades! I traded things like postcards, matchbox crafts, Pringles cans decorated and full of candy, and decorated cards called ATC (Artist Trading Cards). It was through Swap-bot that I first learned of “kawaii” (‘cute’ in Japanese) and all that was associated with it. I had known about Hello Kitty my whole life as she is common in the United States, but who was this bear named Rilakkuma?

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember, art was always my favorite subject.

I did my research and fell in love with San-x, Japanese stationery and the world of cute characters I now am obsessed with. I started my small collection of “kawaii” with only a few loose memo pad sheets and sticker flakes to now an ever-growing collection. Soon I discovered that there was a whole world of “kawaii” on Youtube, and became immersed in the word of polymer clay charms, candy kits and SQUISHIES that I am now addicted to. I started to think it would be really fun to make my own channel, so I started TheHollycopter. I love making craft videos as well as haul videos, baking videos, and just all things having to do with “kawaii”! My dream is to one day visit Japan and be surrounded by the culture I have grown to love – Rilakkuma and all his adorable friends. One day, my friends…one day..