Pullip Madness!!

So after my last post I went a TOUCH crazy. And by a touch I mean a lot crazy. I received some money at Christmas so I ran to purchase the Alice du Jardin Mint Pullip that I saw on Pullip Style for only $100 and FREAKED because I’ve seen them on eBay for around $300 so I bought her Christmas evening (I’m so patient, I know). Then shortly after I got paid for a side project and thought, well I have to get the pink one now, so I got her too! They came super fast, and at the same time so I filmed a double unboxing video (linked below) and they are SOOOO PRETTYYY!!!!! I love their dresses so much, they are so detailed and lovely and their wigs are so lovely! I was very sad with the mint wig though, there are some spots where you can see the wig cap and I think I messed with the hair too much because the hair started to fall out (I almost cried) but overall I’m super happy with them! I named them Julep (mint) and Rosy (pink)!

Both-3 Julep-1 Julep-4 Rosy-4Rosy-1

More pics on my Flickr

Unboxing video: