Animal Crossing Exploding Box

I’ve always been very fascinated with exploding boxes so I decide to make an Animal Crossing themed one. Usually exploding boxes have just flat images like a scrapbook which was my original intention, but as I was planning it turned into more of a pop-up book which I actually love! It’s like a little island in a box! If you want to make this one I have included the templates. Enjoy!

The box when it’s all closed up.
And opened!

What Will It Bee? Gender Reveal Party

When my dear friend, Estrella, told me she was pregnant I knew I HAD to plan her a gender reveal party. She loves bees, and they’re perfectly gender neutral so I went for it. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest which I’ll link throughout.

For the party I decided to go with more of a polka dot theme instead of stripes because, well, I think polka dots are cuter. So there.
I designed the poster and had it printed as the main centerpiece along with paper fans I made with scrapbook paper and some streamers. Note: hot gluing streamers to the wall is a very bad idea. I designed the banner for the front of the table as well as all the labels for the food. The front tassel garland was made by me, it took a long time but man does it look pretty!


For the cupcakes I used pre-made bee decorations by Wilton and I made little “doors” to the hive using black candy melts. The cupcakes were lemon flavored with buttercream frosting (I don’t like canned icing so I went to my local bakery and asked for yellow buttercream. Only $2 and MUCH yummier!). Polka dot cupcake liners to match everything. The runner on the table is a roll of paper from Michaels in the party section.



Note: Honey butter potato chips are AMAZING and very addictive. If you have a Daiso near you they have them there (or other Asian food markets).


Pineapple Lemonade was a hit – recipe here. I LOVE the look the paper party straws but they dissolve and get all gross so I opted for plastic straws with cute lids and they worked so great! They also doubled as a party favor as we let everyone take theirs home.


I got Honey Almond cream cheese from Einstein’s bagels and had things to dip in it – everyone loved it! I also had a cute little honey pot in case anyone wanted to add extra honey.


Found these really cool jars at Home Goods that had a beehive texture on them, they were only about $3! They had a rooster on them though so I covered it with a label – perfect. I glued a candle stick holder on the bottle to give it some height.


My house was extremely hot when I was making the bee cakepops and I was getting really frustrated but I think they came out pretty cute overall. To make the base I bought a little wooden fence from Michaels and covered a piece of foam with green scrapbook paper.


Cookies were from TSCookies on Etsy. So cute!


When guests arrived they put their name on the colored bee of their guess and attached them to a hive poster I had made.



Honey jars as favors, wish I had a better picture of them 🙁




There’s this giant pillar in our house so I covered it with paper to make it look like a tree and hung a paper lantern piñata hive that had the gender reveal element in it. I added bees I made from this tutorial.


It’s a…




Watch the video:

Tsum Tsum DIY Miniature Doll House/Room

Hello friends! I haven’t been this excited about a craft in a long time!

I watched Maqaroon’s video on a DIY dollhouse, gasped out loud, and then immediately bought it for myself. IT IS SO CUTE!



This kit is from Banggood and they have so. many. cute. dollhouses. OMG. I want all of them.

The coolest thing about this kit is the working lights! HOW MAGICAL! I almost died when the lights came on for the first time! The kit comes with the little LED lights and the battery pack (two AA batteries not included).


The kit comes with everything you need to build a tiny and adorable doll house.

Since I wanted to make mine themed, though, I bought some extra things like fabric, washi tape, and TEENY TINY stickers. Did I mention how small this kit is? I thought I would be able to use my Pukifee in this house but nope, she is way too giant for this tiny room.


Gluing the furniture together was the most time consuming part, but put on some good music and it’s a great and relaxing craft to do.

I highly enjoyed making all the little pieces and putting it together.


Overall this kit is super fun to do and you can customize it any way you want to which is the best part!

Watch the video I made on this kit:

Kawaii Box + Giveaway!

Today I got my Kawaii Box! This is a different box than the other one I’ve been doing reviews on, so there are currently two companies doing a subscription box called Kawaii Box. The previous one is through SuperKawaiiPop but this is the one through The Kawaii Box is $18.90 per month (free shipping!).

Let’s see what’s inside!


Included in the box was a cute octopus plus, a great pen, mustache ring (my favorite), shoe laces, strawberry pocky, and more! I think it’s a great value for the price! To enter to win your own Kawaii Box, see below!

Watch my video:

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

TheHollycopter’s 50K Contest – Happy Natural Time

In celebration of hitting 50,000+ subscribers on my Youtube, I am hosting a contest and giveaway!

I had everyone vote on my Facebook page, and almost everyone chose a Woodland theme for this contest. I really love woodland themes, and especially the Happy Natural Time Rilakkuma series. It has deer, owls, really pretty imagery and it was the inspiration for this contest.

For the contest, you will choose a woodland creature. This can be a real animal like a squirrel, rabbit, deer, etc. or it can be something fictional like a fairy or unicorn or centaur as long as their home is in the woods. You will then create the creature and their home. Think of what cozy little nook this creature lives in, how they would decorate it and what furniture they would have. What is their favorite food? You must include at least three items in your house, and at least one piece of furniture. You can use any materials you want, be creative. Everything must be made by you. You can only enter one time, so make it a good one!

See my Pinterest board for woodland inspiration.


– Create the home of a woodland creature (real or fiction) and the creature that lives inside

– Include at least 3 food items and at least 1 piece of furniture

– You can use any materials you want, everything made by you



– Be subbed to my channel

– 18+ or have parents permission

– International



– Make a video of your entry (the creature, it’s home, at least 3 food items and at least 1 furniture item)

– Use the best quality camera you can and as good of lighting as you can

– Name your video “TheHollycopter’s 50K Contest”

– Post the link to your video in the comments on this video


You are not required to send your entry, but you can 🙂



First Place Contest Prize:

– Happy Natural Time Rilakkuma Re-ment (all 8 sets)

– Rilakkuma Deer Plush

– 2 Rilakkuma Sticker Sheets

– 1 Rilakkuma Sticker flake sack

– 2 large memo pads

– 1 mini memo pads

– 2 lettersets

– 1 plastic folder

– 5 DIY Candy Kits (Waffle Kit, Gummyland, Hamburger Set, Donut Set, Takoyaki Set)


To enter the giveaway portion, all you need to do is comment on the blog post and tell me your favorite woodland creature.



Giveaway Prize:

– 1 Happy Natural Time Re-ment (blind box)

– 1 Sticker flake sack

– 1 mini memo pad



[ZAZZLE] Wrapping Paper Bow Tutorial + Giveaway! , if you don’t know, is a great website to create and sell your own merch like shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. and I have recently made my own called Whirlybirds! I have made some Rilakkuma wrapping paper just in time for the holidays and I’ve made a video on how to make this cute wrapping paper bow!



Green Bear Wrapping Paper
Green Bear Wrapping Paper by whirlybirds
Browse more Cute Wrapping Paper at Zazzle
Red Bear Wrapping Paper
Red Bear Wrapping Paper by whirlybirds
Find more Rilakkuma Wrapping Paper at Zazzle



The nice people at Zazzle have also allowed me to do a giveaway of this AMAZING ZIPPER POUCH!!!! This is also for sale in my store, and it is of great quality, really, it is so soft and well made, you know that it will last a long time.


Molly Wristlet
Molly Wristlet by whirlybirds
Check out other Molly Bagettes Bags at

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is comment down below and let me know what your favorite item in my store is, or what you think I should add to it! Winner will be chosen randomly on 12/15/13.

Also don’t forget to use the promo code HOLLYCOPTER1 for 10% off now through December 25, 2013!




Poor, blind, Kiiroitori.

So I think I’m like, the last person ever to get this set of plushes but OMG SO CUTE!!!! I’m super excited to have this set, it’s so super adorable and I love their little costumes! I remember the first time I saw pictures of this plush I literally busted out laughing at poor little Kiiroitori! He can’t see! Hahahhah! How hilarious.


 Also included in the picture is the Rilakkuma wizard plush I recently got! I love him!


With their costumes on….bahahahhah still funny.




I just love the costumes underneath, how cute are the PUMPKIN PANTIES?!?!?!?! I WANT THEM!


Of course I couldn’t resist.


I didn’t get a good pic of the front cause I kind of forgot, but the back is super pretty!

Here is the video:

Rilakkuma My Deer!

I am very, VERY excited for the new Rilakkuma series that was announced and I about PEED my pants when I saw the new Re-ment from the series:

Isn’t it soooo adorable?!!? I’m dying. I love the homey, cozy feeling it has and of course any set with pastries I’m game. I adore the tart (I’m so going to make a clay version), the teapot (I am obsessed with teapots) and the kettle! Even the little cardboard kitchen that will come with the box is super adorable. I am definitely ordering this set as soon as it comes out in October.

I’ve already pre-ordered my Rilakkuma deer plush from Miraplush and I can’t wait to get it!

I need to get all the stationery for this series too! So cute!