What are Pullips?
The doll originated in South Korea in 2003 and since then has become a worldwide success. These dolls, usually referred as Pullips, are collectible fashion dolls. The word Pullip itself means blade of grass or leaf. These dolls also offer customization options that are not seen in many collectible dolls, the ability to change the doll’s eyes and hair easily. Changing the eyes simply requires the use of a screwdriver and the hair is can easily be attached and unattached. –pullipdolldreams [read more here] 

Sophie (Pullip Akemi)
Sophie was my first Pullip and I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her! I imagine her as being fun, spunky and always having a fun personality. She’s a nerd at heart and loves bright colors (can you tell from her hair?).

Julep (Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint)
Julep and her sister Rosy were my second and third to join the family and they came to me together! Julep is the oldest and is very protective of Rosy. Julep is a very curious girl, always managing to find herself in a bit of trouble.


Rosy (Pullip Alice du Jardin Pink)
Rosy is Julep’s litter sister and she is naturally very quiet but very sweet. She is very attached to her stuffed rabbit and carries it with her wherever she goes.


Madeline (Pullip Io)
I adore Pullip Io’s stock makeup and it’s probably the most gorgeous in my collection, but I didn’t love her stock so I gave her an Obitsu body and some new clothes and hair 🙂


Minnie (Pullip Snow White)
I knew that I wanted to do a Minnie Mouse Pullip, and Snow White was the perfect choice with her black curly hair and bright red lips.


Naomi (Pullip Kiyomi)
I love all things pastel and kawaii, so Kiyomi was an obvious choice for my collection.


Susie (Pullip Merl)
Merl is a beautiful doll with a lovely outfit, she is a cute little sailor girl!


Lacy (Pullip Canele)
Canele is probably one of my most favorite Pullips – her stock outfit is absolutely gorgeous and since I love Carnival themes she is very much dear to my heart. Her hair and makeup is also perfect, so she is more or less my most cherished at the moment!


Winnie (Pullip Banshee)
Banshee is a very sexy, awesome Pullip with a great witch outfit and hat, her makeup includes a great cat eye – she is the perfect witch!




Carol (Yeolume)
Yeolume has always struck my interest, she is super cute. I put an obitsu body on her and attempted my first faceup on her and changed her eyes. She is Sophie’s little sister and they are best friends 🙂


Alice (Dal Classical Alice)
My first Dal, Alice is too cute not to love.

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