(Hubby’s) Contest Winnings! + Re-ment Kitchen

A little while ago Ariel over at Rilakkuma Desu had an amazing giveaway that I entered and I asked my husband to enter it for me (so I could have better chances of winning, of course, hehe). Well, turns out he WON…and then changed his mind about giving me the prizes LOL. That’s what I get for turning my hubs on to Rilakkuma. We got the prizes and he agreed to give me everything but the plush (which I already had anyway so I didn’t pitch a fit) and a few other small things (including the Kori plastic figure which I really wanted…but oh well lol) so I guess it was a win-win! Thank you Ariel!!!!!


In other Re-ment related news, I GOT MY RE-MENT KITCHEN TODAY!!!!!!




I’ve been wanting a Re-ment kitchen for a long time, so when I saw this set for a STEAL at Fan21HK I HAD to get it and proceeded to freak out. The oven even makes a sound (which scared the living crap out of my husband when he picked up the package for me)! The cardboard cartoon backgrounds are kinda really ugly so I’ll definitely be replacing them, but I’m totally happy with this set! It came with four (huge) pieces including the dishwasher, oven, sink, fridge and lots of storage room! I apologize for the crappy photos but I was so excited! The red of the kitchen matches the Tamago Rilakkuma Re-ment perfectly and the Rilakkumart Re-ment provided most of the fun kitchen items like soap, sponge, paper towels and tons of food. I’m SO EXCITED to get this set put together and admire the tiny kitchen…

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  1. Whoooo congratulations on the win!! Ariel is so generous haha 😀

    The kitchen Re-ment looks incredible and so detailed! Definitely loving the huge Rilakkuma representation haha, your photos are convincing me to start getting into Re-ments soon too!

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