Poor, blind, Kiiroitori.

So I think I’m like, the last person ever to get this set of plushes but OMG SO CUTE!!!! I’m super excited to have this set, it’s so super adorable and I love their little costumes! I remember the first time I saw pictures of this plush I literally busted out laughing at poor little Kiiroitori! He can’t see! Hahahhah! How hilarious.


 Also included in the picture is the Rilakkuma wizard plush I recently got! I love him!


With their costumes on….bahahahhah still funny.




I just love the costumes underneath, how cute are the PUMPKIN PANTIES?!?!?!?! I WANT THEM!


Of course I couldn’t resist.


I didn’t get a good pic of the front cause I kind of forgot, but the back is super pretty!

Here is the video:

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  1. Love your photos! Hahaha I always thought Kii looked a little silly with the full ghost costume haha. Congrats on getting this great set – it’s definitely one of my favorite Halloween releases!

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